About menopause friendly accreditation

Who we are

Our aim is for every employer to be menopause friendly.

Our Independent Panel and supporting expert team from Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace are passionate about helping every organisation introduce the right menopause awareness, education and support. We are trainers, leaders, comms experts and healthcare and other industry professionals, bringing together our collective know-how to educate and guide organisations towards receiving the Menopause Friendly accreditation.

Together, we have a vast pool of knowledge and years of experience relating to all things menopause at work, supporting the pioneering employers who’ve already made a positive difference to their colleagues.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, already begun but don’t know where to go next or deserve recognition for the amazing work you’ve already done, we’re with you all the way.

We want:

  • To change mindsets and attitudes towards menopause. Making it as easy to talk about as the weather.
  • Everyone to understand what menopause is and be able to talk about it openly. This isn’t just an issue for women, everyone needs to know so they can support colleagues, friends and family.
  • Those experiencing menopause symptoms to feel confident to discuss it and ask for support if they need it to continue being happy and successful at work.
  • Managers to understand menopause, to confidently have good conversations, and know how to help.

Ultimately, we believe all organisations should take menopause in the workplace seriously. It’s good for colleagues and good for the organisation.

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Why get accredited

Join the inspirational, pioneering employers who are changing the way people think about menopause and are putting the right support in place.

Menopause Friendly accreditation shows that you have a clear understanding of how menopause can have an effect at work and shows that you care about the wellbeing of your colleagues.

Committing to being menopause friendly means you’re working towards long-term, sustainable change in your workplace, fostering an inclusive culture where everyone can be at their best. It means you’ll find it easier to retain talent and to recruit new colleagues, as a place where people want to work.

Menopause Friendly accreditation is a recognised standard of achievement, one which means you’ve satisfied our highly qualified independent panel of judges that your organisation is offering the right support. Our accreditation programme is about supporting, recognising and celebrating organisations who make this commitment, and we’re welcoming new members all the time.

Changing the way we think about menopause and the way we support it can often mean a cultural shift, embedding change in the long term. The accreditation programme makes it clear how you can achieve this, with your Menopause Friendly badge as your symbol of success.

Be recognised as an inclusive employer that takes the wellbeing of their colleagues seriously. 

It’s time for all organisations to become menopause friendly… and now’s the time to do it.

Join in… it only takes a minute