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Together we’re working to make every organisation menopause friendly, and we’d love you to join in.

Our ‘Menopause Friendly‘ badge and membership helps everyone understand what best practice looks like and makes it easier to achieve it.

What does being ‘menopause friendly’ mean?

It means being clear how you support menopause in your workplace, creating an environment where menopause can be talked about easily and putting the right support in place for colleagues.

The facts 

Menopausal women are the fastest-growing workplace demographic. The average age to reach menopause is 51, and nearly 8 in 10 are in work. With 3 in 4 experiencing symptoms and as many as 1 in 4 considering leaving work during their menopause, it’s a key area for employer focus.

The benefits to employers

An inclusive workplace and colleague wellbeing are at the heart of menopause in the workplace support. And in turn, this can bring a host of other benefits, including improved equity, diversity and inclusion, employee retention which reduces recruitments costs, lower absence levels, and less risk of being taken to an employment  tribunal.

What employers can do

Join the inspirational organisations who are taking action. Our roadmaps, workshops and resources can take you right through to The Menopause Friendly Accreditation, demonstrating your commitment to providing the right awareness, education and support.

If you already believe you’re a menopause friendly employer, our Independent Panel can assess you for The Menopause Friendly Accreditation.

Welcome to the Menopause Friendly Employer Awards

On 14 September 2023, we hosted our leading industry-recognised  ceremony celebrating workplace excellence with employers who are changing the way we all think and feel about the menopause.

We recognised employers and individuals who are supporting their colleagues every day, helping them be at their best at work and at home.

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The Menopause Friendly

Independent Panel

The Menopause Friendly Independent Panel set out and govern the Menopause Friendly standards, reviewing all applications for The Menopause Friendly Accreditation and providing detailed feedback and guidance whatever the outcome. 

All experts in their field, all with distinguished careers across a huge range of industries. One thing they all have in common: they’re passionate about accelerating change in menopause in the workplace best-practice.


Professor Brewis is co-author of the Government Equalities Office,  Menopause transition: effects on women’s economic participation .

Putting this work into practice by introducing the first university menopause policy in the UK, and helping employers understand why being menopause friendly is urgent and important.

Evelyn dickey

A Non-Executive Director on the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Board, Evelyn has extensive People Leadership experience.

She pioneered the introduction of the first menopause policy in Severn Trent in 2017 and has continually encouraged other employers to do the same.

Paul sesay

Paul Sesay is the Founder and CEO of the Inclusive Top 50 Employers, National Diversity Awards, Excellence in Diversity Awards and The Diversity Group.

With over ten years’ experience within the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion sector, Paul has worked with some of the largest organisations in the world on their diversity and inclusion.

Vanessa Vallely obe

Vanessa is the Founder and CEO of   We Are The City and We Are Tech Women.

She is passionate about gender equality and provides guidance and consultancy to both government and corporate organisations who are seeking to attract, develop and retain their female talent.

susannah fish obe

Ex-Chief Constable Sue Fish OBE introduced the first menopause policy into a police force in 2017, during her 30-year policing career.

She’s passionate about menopause and leadership, encouraging all employers to take menopause awareness, education and support seriously.

jog hundle

Jog heads the health and care employment team at   Mills & Reeve, having specialised in the sector for over 25 years.

She’s passionate about helping employers understand the importance of taking menopause seriously to benefit employees and the organisation.

Suzanne banks cbe

A recently retired NHS chief nurse,   Suzanne is passionate about raising the profile of menopause in the workplace, having created and introduced the comprehensive programme at Sherwood Forest Hospitals Foundation Trust in 2018.

Since then, she’s encouraged other NHS Trusts to take action.

anne bell

Anne was the Senior People Lead at HSBC UK Corporate Bank. She was instrumental in recognising the need for menopause awareness, education, and providing support for individuals.

She started the campaign resulting in  HSBC UK becoming the UK’s first accredited Menopause Friendly employer.

bernice Allport mbe

Bernice Allport MBE has worked in the civil service for over 36 years in a number of departments and agencies and is the founder, and former chair of the award-winning Cross Government Menopause Network.

She is passionate about gender equality and women’s health in the workplace, with a firm belief that women can thrive in all stages of their working lives.

pamela hutchinson OBE

As the Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Bloomberg, Pamela leads the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives around the world whilst establishing strategic direction, goals and accountability.

Pamela is cited as one of the most visible and vocal thought leaders and advocates for diversity across the private sector and has more than 20 years’ experience in managing diversity cross engineering, financial services, technology and media.

Helen normoyle

Helen is co-founder of My Menopause Centre, an online clinic and community empowering women to take control of their menopause.

She has held Chief Marketing Officer roles with Boots, the BBC, DFS and Countrywide and worked in broadcast and telecoms regulation at Ofcom and in the mobile technology sector with Motorola.

Congratulations to the inspirational employers who have achieved The Menopause Friendly Accreditation

They’re proud to display the badge!

Holland&Barrett_menopause friendly employer
West Ham United Menopause Friendly Accreditation
Alzheimer's Society
hp_enterprise_menopause friendly employer
medical protection menopause friendly employer
central and north west london NHS menopause friendly employer
clarion housing menopause friendly employer
marine management organisation menopause friendly employer
Civil Nuclear Constabulary menopause friendly employer
Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care System Menopause Friendly Employer
Suffolk and North East Essex Menopause Friendly Employer
Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board Menopause Friendly Employer
Moody's Menopause Friendly Employer
fujitsu - menopause friendly employer
Lowell Group Menopause Friendly Employer
Leicestershire Police - Accredited Menopause Friendly Employer
Virgin Media, menopause friendly employer
Balfour Beatty, menopause friendly employer
Saga, menopause friendly employer
Unilever, Menopause Friendly Employer
WeightWatchers UK (WW)
The Abbeyfield Society
Thames Valley Police
Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS)
Menopause Friendly Employers
Burness Paull
Aster Group
Leicestershire County Council
South Tees NHS Trust, menopause friendly

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